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Fall in Love with Our Flooring in Allen, TX

flooring In Allen, TXclass=It’s easy to update your home with stylish floors from Rodenbaugh's Flooring America & Appliances. By providing a diverse selection of top-quality flooring in Allen, TX, we give you the freedom to find a surface you’re sure to love for years to come. Our experts are dedicated to providing the knowledge and guidance to make your next flooring upgrade a success.

When you walk through our doors, you’ll receive support from some of the industry’s most seasoned sales professionals, making it easy to locate and learn more about the coverings that catch your eye. We show you premium options under clear, home-like lighting so that you can compare looks with the confidence of knowing that they’ll work for your vision. Visit our flooring store to take advantage of our:

A Great Look That Lasts Longer

Attractive materials are only one piece of the puzzle. To complete your picture-perfect home plan, you need expert installation. Plus, you’ll need to know the best strategies for regular maintenance. Upkeep allows you to extend the value of your purchase with us and enjoy the savings of a long-term investment and is crucial for making sure that you can enjoy your surfaces for years to come.

When you shop with us, we’ll equip you with all the information necessary to understand your new floor’s needs. Whether it’s the character-adding, hands-on approach needed to utilize hardwood as your home flooring or easy, infrequent touch-ups to our durable synthetics, you never need to worry about doing the wrong thing to maintain your surfaces with advice from our team.

Complete Support, from Planning to Purchase

Whether you’re ready to lay planks down tomorrow or still in the process of preparing for your project, you can get the assistance you need at our showroom. We’ll help you compare brands, take advantage of exclusive deals, and find the right option for your needs.

Once you have the surface that speaks to you, count on our experts for information about your next steps. From helping you find the perfect floors to your flooring installation, we are the right partner to help you complete your project. With our premium products, you can enjoy the confidence of designing, shopping, and living your way, with your style--all with one stop for materials, advice, and in-store service.

Contact us today with the details of your flooring project. We proudly serve Allen, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, and Parker, Texas, as well as the surrounding communities.

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